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Carpet Supply and Laying

Going the extra mile
From floor preparation to stretching and joining, we will complete the full job for you. Kyle is an award-winning carpet layer whose work speaks for itself. Beautiful carpet with clean edges and free of bumps, bubbles and seams. 

A Carpet that reflects your lifestyle
You work hard so enjoy coming home to the relaxing, warm environment of great carpet. Lift the tired look of an existing room or finish off that new home with our quality carpet installation service. Feel the comfort of fresh carpet under your feet.

Don't forget the underlay
Don’t forget that the carpet underlay will determine how comfortable it feels and how long it will last. Carpet underlay adds another layer of cushioning between you and the floor. The thicker and better the underlay, the more comfortable it will feel. It also reduces friction and prevents premature wear. What’s more, carpet with quality padding tends to stain less too, probably because stains can go through the carpet and into the pad, rather than just being absorbed into the carpet fibres.